Happy Easter with Handmade Eggs and Colourful Yarn Nests

I was woken this morning by my youngest, ‘Happy Easter,’ she said ‘I’ll meet you downstairs’.¬†The possibility of chocolate for breakfast meant that getting a lie in was out of the question. I guess that is what you get when you call your child Ostara, after the goddess of Easter.

Happy Easter for the Youngest One

She had already made some replica Kinder eggs. First she coated a silicone mould in milk chocolate, waited for it to set, then added a white chocolate.

They went back in the fridge until both layers were set. Then she used more melted chocolate to stick them together. (although there were a couple of mishaps!)

The real miracle of it all was that not only had she managed to resist eating them until this morning, but that I also got a piece!

Happy Easter for Mummy

While she was occupied with her chocolate eggs, I was playing with my crochet ones. These had been made several Easters ago, when I was just beginning my journey into the world of amigurumi.

They are a really good project for using up small yarn leftovers and look pretty when striped. I’ve made them in all types of yarn before, but as always, a good quality cotton is still my preferred option. Cotton doesn’t tend to stretch as much as acrylic when stuffed. The mercerised ones have a beautiful sheen to them. I like scattering them around the house with cute bunny ornament. Tiger Stores usually have adorable (and affordable) Easter decorations.

The eggs would look great hanging from an Easter tree too. I’d meant to get round to that this year, but as ever, too many projects and not enough time…

Yarn scraps make a really colourful nest. I’d advise keeping it out of the reach of little fingers though as otherwise there is likely to be a trail throughout the house!

I think that this idea would look great in more natural pastel tones too. But we don’t tend to do muted in this house (as you may have guessed).

I hope you’ve all had a happy Easter full of love and family.


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