New Year, New Resolutions, New Crafts

It’s the beginning of a new year and like everyone else, I am drawn to the idea of making some resolutions to mark its passage.

Last year had its ups and downs. At one point I had to totally reassess where my life was going, overhaul my goals, pick myself up after yet another spectacular failure and begin heading in a brand new direction. This time last year I thought I knew where I was going to be. I’m now in a completely different place. This wasn’t what I had planned, but actually I’m far, far happier than I could have thought possible. This is largely down to the fact that during my reboot in 2013 I jettisoned a lot of unnecessary obligations from my life. I made the tough, brutal but necessary decision to remove ‘friends’ from my life who were either making me unhappy or causing me more stress than was worthwhile. I stopped jumping through hoops that other people and the wider society put in my path and started dancing to my own tune. I finally realised that the responsibility for my own happiness lay with me and nobody else.


And so with the coming of the new year I am going to resolve to do more things that make me happy. I have always been a bit of a creative bunny and having taught myself to crochet ten years ago there has rarely been a time when I haven’t got some sort of work in progress. This is going to be the year where I expand on that skill set and learns some new ¬†crafts. I acquired all my mum’s knitting needles when she passed five years ago so it’s time I put those to good use. I’ve also signed up for a dressmaking course so I can finally make something out of the tons of fabric I have collected over the years. I would very much like to improve my hand sewing which, quite frankly, leaves much to be desired. The crochet won’t be forgotten and I’m sure there will be many more makes coming up over the next few months but I would also like to take the time to finally type up all those scribbled patterns that I have amassed during previous makes. Some I hope to sell, some I’ll give away for free. Most importantly, they’ll be sent out into the world rather than loitering forgotten in a file of scrappy notes.

This blog will be my record of my triumphs and creations. I’ll happily accept all the advice and guidance that you can give so please feel free to share any thoughts or tips you have. In return I’ll share all that I learn along the way.

Happy crafting!


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